sitaramusic 2016-9

ambient electro pop - music for a mellow mind

Sitara live - compositions that evolve from moments of intense emotions. Singer/ Songwriter tradition meets electronic pop music. With a gentle voice Sitara forms her melodies on harmonious sounds and subtle percussive fragments. She performs live with double bass player Michael Schaefers and invites guest musicians to create unique performances, accompanied with video visuals.

Let yourself be taken into a moment of inner silence...

sitaramusic 2016-stripe2
sitaramusic 2016-10
Here are some of my tracks I perfom live:
1. From now to now
2. Let go and control
3. Marathon girl
4. Love is hope
5. Free and freer
6. The dove
7. Just in time
8. Sentimental
9. Am I
10. Living just to be
11. Sometimes Iīm bored
12. Surrender
13. First March
14. Fainted
15. Jumping hearts
16. Million faces
17. Without that I know
18. Centre of Confusion
19. Good the way I am
20. Losing the joy
21. Donīt misunderstand me